If you help us REACH for the Stars, then together we can make a difference.

If you help us REACH for the Stars, then together we can make a difference.  image


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We are fundraising to disrupt the multigenerational poverty cycle in our community!

The pillars of the REACH Project are Respect Empowerment Aspiration Community Hope. Founded in 2017, REACH is a non-profit organization that provides support services and lifelong learning opportunities to lower-income working families in the Brazos Valley. REACH programs are designed to lift REACH individuals and families, step-by-step, out of multigenerational poverty and to date we have served over 800 families in the Brazos Valley!

Over the past 4 years, REACH has engaged more than 600+ student volunteers and interns, 250 student organizations, dozens of master's capstone classes, and students through its High Impact Service-learning Opportunities (HISO) program. HISOs deploy student skills, knowledge, and exercise of selfless service, to assist workers and families struggling to rise out of multigenerational poverty.

We offer programming in the areas of lifelong learning, personal financial management, homebuyer preparation, and access to health and wellness care to over 800 families. Some of our successes include:

  • establishing a free health center for uninsured workers,
  • Providing 9 Health programs, 11 Lifelong Learning Programs, 10 family and child support programs, & 10 Community development programs,
  • Through the 7 Step Homeownership Program, 3 participants successfully qualified for mortgages,
  • winning the May’s School Strategic Philanthropic Grant in 2 consecutive years, and
  • purchasing more than 40,000 locally sourced restaurant meals in response to COVID layoffs of the Essential Aggies and their families

The REACH Imperative is to strengthen the fabric of the community by engaging university and community partners to eliminate social and financial inequities in college towns around the country.